M-CARE Final Certification Event in Bulgaria

On 18th December 2015 Interprojects LTD team held the Final Certification Event of the project in Imperial Hotel in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It was attended by all trainees who actively participated in M-CARE pilot phase in Bulgaria. Their feedback and contributions were valuable and helpful for finalization of the training modules.

Personal and social assistants of people with disabilities employed by The Municipality of Plovdiv recognized the learning content as useful and practical. They also tried the quizzes and other additional training materials highlighting the importance of sharing experience and good practises among personal caregivers.

Besides the gathering of feedback there also was an official part for handing the M-CARE Certificates for Participation. The participants were pleased to receive acknowledgment for their participation in piloting. They shared that such certificates contribute to their professional development and strengthen the opportunities for their promotion.
The overall atmosphere of the event was friendly, positive, and productive. At the end of the meeting Nina Bankova, who is a chief expert in Social Affairs Department under Plovdiv Municipality, confirmed once again that the collaboration between Interprojects LTD and the Municipality will continue and M-CARE training materials will be further used for induction training of newly recruited personal and social assistants.

It opens new perspectives for exploitation of M-CARE training programme as in the next year European Social Fund through operative programme Human Resource Development in Bulgaria will fund more than 300 work placements for personal caregivers on the territory of Plovdiv region. These newly hired practitioners will need a proper training in order to serve their clients with disabilities in a secure and qualitative way. Thus near the end of the project the Bulgarian partner ensures sustainability of M-CARE by achieving agreement for future collaboration between our team and the local authority responsible for personal care services on the territory of Plovdiv region.

We will keep you informed about all relevant news regarding M-CARE development even after its administrative end.