M-CARE closing event in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

TV crew interviewing participant

TV crew interviewing participant

A second consecutive event was organised in Plovdiv on 21st December 2015 in the format of conference entitled “Human capital development through education and training”. The attendees were 85 in number coming from public administration, daily care centres, sheltered houses for people with disabilities, rehabilitation and social inclusion centres, NGOs, VET schools, and other training providers. Among the participants were also people with disabilities, psychologists, personal caregivers, teachers and trainers, and journalists.

The conference started with welcome speech by Veselina Boteva, the Head of Social Services Department under The Municipality of Plovdiv. She declared the readiness of the institution that she presents to keep on using the valuable M-CARE results for training of staff recruited by the municipality.

Then the floor was given to the Interprojects LTD team who presented M-CARE final outputs using different attractive tools such as videos, demonstration, and discussions with the audience. The mobile app was also demonstrated using a desktop emulator.

The conference programme also included presentations by guests speakers who talked about new pedagogical approaches for education and training of people with disabilities and professionals working with them.

One of the most attractive part of the conference was the so-called awarding ceremony dedicated to the organizations who collaborated with Interprojects LTD in order to achieve better opportunities and make people with disabilities more independent and equal citizens. 24 plaques were handed to journalists who disseminated the project, organizations and individuals who supported the implementation of the project and contributed to its sustainability.

The conference was publicised by The Bulgarian National television, Daric Radio and Maritsa Newspaper who published materials and interviews with the speakers.

Although this was the final dissemination event in Bulgaria of this project our team will plan a number of activities in order to keep the interests towards the project alive.