What do people with disabilities and older people think about the training of the personal care givers? A transnational study

What do people with disabilities and older people think about the training of the personal care givers? A transnational study

Authors: Bulent Elbasan, Deran Oskay, Alper Güzel, Abdullah Alper Ertem, Seyhan Firat, Karel Van Isacker, Konstantinos Mourlas

Abstract: The aim of this study is to investigate the profile of the Personal Care Givers (PCGs), for the preparation of the basic training curriculum, who are serving for the older people and the people with disabilities (PwD) among the selected European countries. A total of 276 questionnaires were completed by respondents living in Flanders (Belgium), Bulgaria, Germany and Turkey, online or during an interview/focus group. All the questionnaires were completed by the participants online in those EU countries who took part in this study. Concerning the demographics of the beneficiaries, there were respondents exceeded 75 years of age (34.8%) and there was equal representation of the two genders. The 67.0% of the respondents encountered motor disabilities, while 27.9% stated that they encountered problems with vision, 24.9% with hearing, 15% encounter intellectual disabilities and 19.3% suffer from chronic diseases. While most of the respondents (84%) need assistance at home, they also highlighted the need of assistance in the workplace, in education, as well as in vocational rehabilitation. 35% of the respondents stated that they need assistance in at community. The results are extremely encouraging for the development of the personal care giver (PCG) training curriculum and material, since people from target groups identified that the preferred methods for training cover all areas that the selected EU countries plan to address. Together with the training modules that are already in practice by vocational and educational training (VET) centers, which were identified during the desktop research, the research’s results will work as a guide for the production of the study’s outcomes.

TLC Pack project FREE resources available now

TLCPackWe invite you to utilise the FREE resources developed via the TLC Pack project.
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Constructed around video-based dialogues, the TLC Pack project includes online and offline learning resources, with the ability for learners to self-evaluate based on real-time feedback.
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M-CARE introduced in Latin America

PhoenixKM as conceptor of M-CARE project has been invited by the Colombian University Tecnológico Comfenalco to present all M-CARE modules as basis for the creation of an educational program in caregiver training.

ISBN assigned to M-CARE handbook

Our M-CARE “Handbook for training personal caregivers (curriculum and training material)” has been assigned the ISBN 978-975-507-282-1.

6th newsletter available

Our 6th newsletter is now available.

M-CARE closing event in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

TV crew interviewing participant

TV crew interviewing participant

A second consecutive event was organised in Plovdiv on 21st December 2015 in the format of conference entitled “Human capital development through education and training”. The attendees were 85 in number coming from public administration, daily care centres, sheltered houses for people with disabilities, rehabilitation and social inclusion centres, NGOs, VET schools, and other training providers. Among the participants were also people with disabilities, psychologists, personal caregivers, teachers and trainers, and journalists.

The conference started with welcome speech by Veselina Boteva, the Head of Social Services Department under The Municipality of Plovdiv. She declared the readiness of the institution that she presents to keep on using the valuable M-CARE results for training of staff recruited by the municipality.

Then the floor was given to the Interprojects LTD team who presented M-CARE final outputs using different attractive tools such as videos, demonstration, and discussions with the audience. The mobile app was also demonstrated using a desktop emulator.

The conference programme also included presentations by guests speakers who talked about new pedagogical approaches for education and training of people with disabilities and professionals working with them.

One of the most attractive part of the conference was the so-called awarding ceremony dedicated to the organizations who collaborated with Interprojects LTD in order to achieve better opportunities and make people with disabilities more independent and equal citizens. 24 plaques were handed to journalists who disseminated the project, organizations and individuals who supported the implementation of the project and contributed to its sustainability.

The conference was publicised by The Bulgarian National television, Daric Radio and Maritsa Newspaper who published materials and interviews with the speakers.

Although this was the final dissemination event in Bulgaria of this project our team will plan a number of activities in order to keep the interests towards the project alive.

Discussing the M-Care app with usability and accessibility experts

Event audience and presentation

Event audience and presentation

The M-Care application was presented at the Usability and Accessibility days 2015, at the University of Athens (UoA) on 19 December. The event gives the opportunity to the academic society to discuss recent developments in the field of usability and user centered design and share good practices.

The New Technologies lab of UoA presented M-Care and had the opportunity to discuss its features with several experts. The app received very encouraging comments for both the gamification features and the multiple ways offered for accessing the learning material, while some expressed their concern that the low penetration of smartphones/tablets among low skilled workers in Greece, considering a challenging fact for future projects focusing on mobile vocational training.

M-CARE app available on Google Play

Google Play logoThe completeness of M-CARE curriculum and training content forms the perfect basis for a PA training. In addition, the mobile training and learning approach is absolutely novel, especially also because the learning content can be dynamically adjusted in all languages by the country administrators. These both facts allow for the mobile application to have a long lifespan and extensive usability, while highly customisable.

M-CARE app available on Google Play

M-CARE presented at Capacity Building Seminars for Civil Society Organisations

The fourth and the last seminar within the scope of the Project: “Capacity Building Seminars for Civil Society Organisations” was held by Ministry of Family and Social Policy, General Directorate of Services for Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly in Eskişehir, Turkey, between 7 and 8 December 2015. The seminars were aimed at monitoring and promoting the implementation of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by the relevant stakeholders. The participants of the seminar included representatives of civil society organizations working in the field of disability, representatives of General Directorate of Services for Persons with Disabilities and the Elderly. Approximately 80 persons attended the seminar.

Audience at Capacity Building Seminars for Civil Society Organisations

Audience at Capacity Building Seminars for Civil Society Organisations

The presentations made in the seminar were mainly focused at providing a rights based approach for disability studies, eliminating possible inadequacies in the capacity of CSOs, strengthening the structure and operation of disability CSO’s and providing information and raising awareness on the implementation process of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

M-CARE project was promoted in this seminar through a short presentation on the current situation of the project in general and the outputs of the project. The participants were informed about activities and the partners of M-CARE Project. Information on the mobile application and the website of the Project were also announced to the participants.

M-CARE Final Certification Event in Bulgaria

On 18th December 2015 Interprojects LTD team held the Final Certification Event of the project in Imperial Hotel in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It was attended by all trainees who actively participated in M-CARE pilot phase in Bulgaria. Their feedback and contributions were valuable and helpful for finalization of the training modules.

Personal and social assistants of people with disabilities employed by The Municipality of Plovdiv recognized the learning content as useful and practical. They also tried the quizzes and other additional training materials highlighting the importance of sharing experience and good practises among personal caregivers.

Besides the gathering of feedback there also was an official part for handing the M-CARE Certificates for Participation. The participants were pleased to receive acknowledgment for their participation in piloting. They shared that such certificates contribute to their professional development and strengthen the opportunities for their promotion.
The overall atmosphere of the event was friendly, positive, and productive. At the end of the meeting Nina Bankova, who is a chief expert in Social Affairs Department under Plovdiv Municipality, confirmed once again that the collaboration between Interprojects LTD and the Municipality will continue and M-CARE training materials will be further used for induction training of newly recruited personal and social assistants.

It opens new perspectives for exploitation of M-CARE training programme as in the next year European Social Fund through operative programme Human Resource Development in Bulgaria will fund more than 300 work placements for personal caregivers on the territory of Plovdiv region. These newly hired practitioners will need a proper training in order to serve their clients with disabilities in a secure and qualitative way. Thus near the end of the project the Bulgarian partner ensures sustainability of M-CARE by achieving agreement for future collaboration between our team and the local authority responsible for personal care services on the territory of Plovdiv region.

We will keep you informed about all relevant news regarding M-CARE development even after its administrative end.